Unity, Efficiency, Pragmatism, Development

Yongjin Culture

Striving to be better, constantly beyond self, build a harmonious Yongjin

Yongjin culture, "Unity, Efficiency, Pragmatism, Development", is the collective wisdom and spiritual temperament of Yongjin people, and is a bright light for building Yongjin into the most competitive enterprise in the stainless steel cold rolling industry. Since its establishment, the Company takes safety production, employee care and social responsibility as an important part of its business philosophy, implements the national initiative of harmonious development of economy, society, humanities and natural environment, and has formed a strong atmosphere of paying attention to corporate social responsibility.

Unity, Efficiency, Pragmatism, Development
Putting People First, Putting Users First, Fully Opening Up, Continuously Innovating
Scientific Management, Technical Innovation, Customer Satisfaction, Persistent Improving,
Full participation in environmental protection, sustainable development, and creating harmony
Build a brand with strength, Expand the brand by quality