CEO Message

CEO’s Philosophy

Unity, Efficiency, Pragmatism, Development

This is an era of rapid development, an era of fierce competition, and an era full of opportunities.

Chairman of the Borad:  Yu Jiqun

Yongjin has a team full of vigor, harmony and hope. Since the foundation of Zhejiang Yongjin in 2003, we have set up a wholly owned subsidiary Jiangsu Yongjin in 2010, a joint venture subsidiary Fujian Yongjin in 2014, a joint venture subsidiary Guangdong Yongjin in 2018, and an overseas subsidiary Vietnam Yongjin in 2019. Yongjin has experienced the development from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong. Looking back on the entrepreneurial road, every step of success has gathered the hard sweat of the staff; every bit of it exudes the collective wisdom of Yongjin people and the spirit of pursuing perfection. All the success are the results of the eternal driving force!

Yongjin needs development, innovation and talents. In Yongjin, every personality and dignity shall be respected, every innovative suggestion will be widely adopted, every power will be fully charged. It is hoped that every loyal employee of Yongjin will carry forward the enterprise spirit of "unity, efficiency, pragmatism and development", consciously safeguard the honor and interests of the company, abide by the law, study hard, unite and forge ahead, actively integrate into the cultural environment with Yongjin characteristics, and contribute to the construction of the most competitive enterprises in the stainless steel cold rolling industry.

Employees will always be the hope and future of Yongjin, and employees will always be the foundation of Yongjin's success. In the face of this competitive and challenging world, I hope all employees join hands, work hard and forge ahead with full enthusiasm and strong fighting spirit, and embrace the happy tomorrow belonging to Yongjin and every employee of Yongjin!