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Yongjin was founded in August 2003. The Yongjin people remain true to the original aspiration,upholding the spirit of "Unity, Efficiency, Practicality and Development". We have a global vision, dare to be the first, and seek opportunities to develop ourselves, thus becoming the top firms in the stainless steel cold rolling industry in China. In December 2019, it was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. During these years, we continuously achieved the honors of “state high-technology enterprises”, “National Torch Program Projector Units", “Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises in China” and “Top 100 Private Enterprises in Zhejiang Province”.

With every twist and turn, we worked hard to press ahead and developed rapidly during these 20 years. At present, Yongjin Corp. already set up four production bases around the most economically dynamic coastal zone in China. They are Yongjin Zhejiang, Yongjin Jiangsu, Yongjin Fujian and Yongjin Guangdong. Besides, one overseas production bases- Yongjin Vietnam just was put into operation. In the near future, there will be Yongjin Thailand and Yongjin Gansu.

In recent years, relying on its core competitiveness in the field of stainless steel, it has actively extended to the downstream industry, entered the fields of stainless steel composites, stainless steel water pipes, titanium alloy new materials and products, and establish a new pattern of upstream and downstream industrial chain.

The development of Yongjin owes to the new era of reform and opening up and the close cooperation of customers. "When, students in the flower of our age,Our spirit bright was at its height", Yongjin will seize every opportunity, live it to the fullest, keep moving forward, and strive to build the most competitive enterprise in the world.

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Yongjin is committed to providing global consumers with high-quality precision stainless steel sheet and strip, which are widely used in IT electronics, medical devices, household appliances, environmental protection and chemical industry, architectural decoration, kitchenware, automobile and transportation, photovoltaic industry and other high-end manufacturing fields. It has established a good strategic cooperation relationship with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as Huawei, Foxconn, Apple, Midea, Haier, Samsung, Fotile, Robam, Supor and so on.